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We are delighted to announce Evanyss Jamero as the esteemed recipient of our law school scholarship, awarded for her exceptional essay on the impactful topic, “How will you use your law degree to fight for employees’ rights?” Evanyss’s insightful and compelling essay not only captured the essence of the question but also demonstrated her unwavering commitment to championing the rights of employees through the practice of law.

Below is Evanyss Jamero’s insightful submission:

Using My Law Degree to Uphold the Rights of Hispanics at Work.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of today’s world, the fair treatment of Hispanic workers stands as a crucial priority. My pursuit of a law degree has been significantly influenced by the struggles faced by my own family, who have grappled with discrimination within their workplaces. This personal connection has ignited an unwavering commitment within me to advocate for the rights of Hispanic employees. With a comprehensive understanding of labor law, my approach will encompass providing legal assistance, advocating for policy reforms, and fostering community involvement.

The resolve to champion the cause of Hispanic workers is deeply intertwined with the struggles endured by my own father, a highly educated and capable individual of Black Colombian descent. His experiences navigating the workforce have been marred by the
insidious grasp of discrimination, stemming not only from the color of his skin but also from his status as an immigrant to this country. This has manifested in numerous instances where he was denied opportunities, faced unjust dismissals, and encountered systematic barriers that hindered his professional growth. The discriminatory practices that my father has experienced have not only led to job rejections but have also resulted in disparities in treatment, including disparities in wages and promotions compared to his counterparts. Despite his qualifications and dedication, he has been denied the same level of respect and recognition that others effortlessly received, solely because of his background. His story serves as a poignant reminder of the pervasive challenges that Hispanic individuals continue to confront within the workforce. It ignites within me an unwavering dedication to advocate for the rights of Hispanic employees and to create a more equitable and just work environment, where individuals are evaluated based on their capabilities and contributions rather than their ethnicity or origin. Witnessing his unwavering determination in the face of adversity has profoundly influenced my commitment to fighting for the rights of Hispanic workers, ensuring that they do not face the same prejudices and obstacles that my father and any
others have encountered.
Recognizing the substantial impact of policies on the treatment of Hispanic workers, I am resolute in my commitment to collaborate with policymakers to bring about necessary changes. My goal is to actively engage with decision-makers to address inequitable policies
and push for reforms that safeguard the rights of Hispanic employees. This entails advocating for equitable wages, improved working conditions, and protective measures against discriminatory practices. Through my collaborative efforts with policymakers, I aim to
establish a more just and equitable work environment for Hispanic individuals. Acknowledging the potency of communal unity, I aim to establish connections with local groups to educate Hispanic workers about their rights. By organizing workshops, seminars, and community gatherings, my aim is to equip workers with the knowledge and tools required to advocate for fair treatment within their workplaces. By fostering a sense of solidarity within the Hispanic community, I aspire to establish a supportive network that advocates for the rights and dignity of Hispanic workers. In conclusion, my personal encounters have instilled within me an unwavering determination to utilize my law degree in support of Hispanic workers’ rights. Through the provision of legal assistance, advocacy for policy reforms, and active engagement within the community, I am dedicated to ensuring that every Hispanic individual is treated with fairness and respect in their workplaces. My mission is to create an inclusive work environment where Hispanic workers are empowered and protected, free from the burdens of discrimination and injustice.

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Julian Burns King graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and founded King & Siegel in 2018. As head of the Firm’s discrimination and harassment practice areas, she champions the rights of working parents and victims of workplace discrimination and harassment. She has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers annually since 2018 and has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of her clients.

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