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Stop Wage Theft. Claim the Wages You’re Owed.

As a devoted employee, you probably work hard for your company and do what they ask you to. In return, you deserve to be fairly and promptly paid all the wages that you’re owed.

Unfortunately, wage theft is common. Maybe you’ve noticed that your employer consistently “forgets” to pay you for overtime. Maybe you make barely over the minimum wage on an hourly basis but your employer claims you’re “salaried” so they can make you work overtime without additional pay. Maybe your wages are rounded down or your employer deducts their business expenses from your paycheck. Maybe you’re denied meal or rest periods or misclassified as an independent contractor.

Tragically, we have seen many employers agree to pay the minimum wage on paper, but in reality, they pay their workers far less. This is a social justice issue because employers often cut corners when it comes to the employees they see as most vulnerable, whether because of their gender, ethnicity, language, or even immigration status. All California workers have rights. Holding employers accountable for taking advantage of vulnerable workers is just one way we try to create a more equal economy that reclaims power for workers.

This is why you need our knowledgeable Los Angeles wage and hour violations lawyers at King & Siegel LLP to aggressively fight for your rights. If this sounds familiar to you, you should contact our experienced Los Angeles wage and hour violation attorneys immediately. In California, the California Labor Code provides numerous productions on top of those provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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Types of Wage & Hour Violations

There are numerous types of wage and hour violations, and we are experienced in litigating all of them. Here are some ways employers try to save money at the expense of their employees’ rights:

  • Paying less than the minimum wage
  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors
  • Requiring workers to work “off the clock” and without pay, for example, by requiring workers to go through security before clocking in or by requiring workers to answer emails after clocking out
  • Denying workers in the outdoors adequate water or shade during hot weather
  • Denying workers rest periods or meal periods
  • Requiring workers to remain “on duty” during meal or rest periods or restricting what they can do and where they can go
  • Failing to pay workers separately and hourly for rest periods (for workers paid on a production or “piece rate” basis)
  • Requiring workers to buy or reimburse the employer for equipment or work tools (including mandatory personal cell phone or computer use)
  • Paying workers late or too infrequently
  • Paying workers through a separate entity to try to hide from liability for wage theft

Minimum Wages in Los Angeles

Even though Federal law has created a standard minimum wage of $7.25 per hour for most employees, California’s minimum wage is much higher, and many California cities have enacted their own minimum wages. For instance, the Los Angeles minimum wage is currently $15.00 for employers with more than 25 employees, and $14.25 for smaller employers.

If you are an hourly employee, you are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked beyond 8 hours per day OR 40 hours per week. Overtime is generally 1.5 times your regular rate of pay and is 2 times your regular rate of pay for hours worked over 12 hours per day. You are also entitled to 2 times your regular rate of pay for working more than 8 hours on your 7th consecutive day of work.

What Do I Need to File a Wage Claim?

To file a wage claim, you should provide information on:

  • Paystubs: Include copies of paystubs for the period in which you are owed wages, as well as any bounced paychecks.
  • Time records: Include copies of the hours and dates you have worked, and the hours for which you were not paid.
  • Employer information: Copies of documents showing the legal name and address of your employer and the pay rate you and your employer agreed on.

If your employer owes you back pay, contact our experienced Los Angeles wage violation attorneys at King & Siegel LLP. We can review your claim and help you pursue compensation for the wages you are owed.

Seeking Just Recompense

Everyone deserves fair pay and living wages for their labor. Maybe you fulfilled your employer’s last-minute demands to work overtime, you were never paid for these hours, and when you mentioned this to your boss, they gave you a harsh warning or even threatened you. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Los Angeles wage and hour violation lawyers. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can bring you the justice you are looking for.

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