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Religious Discrimination

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In addition to protecting Californians of all races, colors, and genders, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) also bans discrimination against employees on account of their religion or creed. This includes an affirmative obligations that employers accommodate employees’ practices and observations of their individual religions at the workplace.

However, despite this clear mandate, there is unfortunately still a lot of cruel intolerance and harassment that arises from employers or colleagues against individual employees on account of their religion. When you have suffered from prejudice on account of your religion, do not hesitate in calling our Los Angeles religious discrimination attorneys at King & Siegel LLP.

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Religious Discrimination in Hiring, Firing & Promotion

In the state of California, there have unfortunately been many cases as of late where employers discriminate against their employees on account of their religion. These methods can often be very subtle since an employer will try to make it appear that their decisions were based on other factors to avoid getting caught.

Some common examples of ways that employers might discriminate in their workplace practices include:

  • Terminating an employee for absenteeism after they have asked to have work off in order to practice or observe a religious holiday;
  • Refusing to give a raise or a promotion to an employee on account of their discussion of religious beliefs with their colleagues off of work hours, such as at meals or free time breaks;
  • Placing a worker in a role that has little contact with the public on account of their religious clothing; and
  • Rejecting an applicant who is otherwise suitable for a position simply on account of their religious beliefs or observations.

Harassment & Lack of Accommodation

Other ways that an employer might prove to be unjust to their employees include the behavior of both direct harassment as well as refusing to provide proper accommodation. For example, an employer could overtly discriminate against workers by making fun of them and their practices, or claim they are violating the dress code of the business with their religious clothing. Blatantly mocking someone for having strong Christian beliefs or taunting a Muslim or Jewish employee for refusing to eat non-halal or non-kosher food at a corporate meal would also be illegal under FEHA.

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If your religious freedom is under attack, your employer is attacking the very Constitution itself. Here at King & Siegel LLP, we are ready to support you with our most aggressive employment law representation so that you get the justice you deserve.

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