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Age Discrimination

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Have you ever felt like your company or your employer is strongly urging you to retire? Have you ever been called derogatory terms like a “fossil” or “dinosaur,” or been critiqued unjustly for not automatically knowing the newest technologies without additional training? Perhaps the discrimination you have received has been subtler, where your boss has silently replaced you with a younger employee who is clearly less qualified for the role simply because they were younger, shrugged off your query with the claim that it was time for some “new blood,” or criticized you for being “too slow.”

Tragically, employees who have given up decades of their lives laboring for a business are now facing discrimination for their age. Here at King & Siegel LLP, our age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles are determined to support you when you have received such unjust treatment.

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Factors That Constitute Age Discrimination at Work

While technically discrimination against one’s age can occur in a variety of manners, sometimes including discrimination against a person for being too young in the workplace, such prejudice is only actionable when the employee is over the age of 40.

Some of the most common injustices that occur amongst workers who are being discriminated for their age include:

  • Being terminated or fired, or pressured to quit on account of their age;
  • Being pass over for qualified promotions in favor of younger employees;
  • Being replaced in a role by someone who is younger but does not have as much experience;
  • Offered inferior assignments and reduced benefits;
  • Getting demoted or having decreased wages;
  • Being forced to work fewer hours or take unwanted leave;
  • Not being offered a position or a different form of work at the same company on account of age.

Age-Based Harassment

Not only do some employees face discrimination, but they might also endure cruel harassment as well. The FEHA contains a separate ban on employers harassing their workers based on their age. Any case where a supervisor or manager has directly created or simply allowed a negative environment to form that encourages or tolerates an offensive, abusive, or intimidating atmosphere in the workplace is illegal. This could involve circumstances where jokes, slurs, or derogatory comments have been made about someone’s age. When this occurs, the individual harasser as well as the company itself could be liable.

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The complexity of age discrimination and harassment cases in the state of California requires the representation of powerful lawyers who have in-depth knowledge and experience. Many employers will commit unlawful, prejudiced acts against workers for their age, but will make all kinds of excuses for their behavior. In order to have a successful case, you need the dedicated, aggressive approach of our employment law attorneys. Our team at King & Siegel LLP is passionate about fighting for your rights.

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